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Idioms from the Weather

A Breeze

For some folks, everything is easy. Life is a breeze. They’re always healthy. They’re never under the weather. If they walk into a room full of strangers, they make friends in five minutes. They have no trouble breaking the ice. They earn enough to save some money every week. They’re saving money for a rainy day. So if trouble ever does come, they’ll be able to weather the storm. Yes, some people have no problems if times are good or bad. They’re okay come rain or shine.





a breeze - лёгкий

under the weather - болен

break the ice – первым начать разговор с незнакомым человеком

save something for a rainy day – оставить что-то на чёрный день

to weather the storm – терпеливо ждать, когда всё измениться к лучшему

come rain or shine – неважно насколько тяжело