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Idioms from Food

A Real Lemon

The used car I bought for three hundred dollars was a lemon. My friends said I was nuts to believe the baloney the seller gave. The seller said that the car was like new, with only ten thousand miles on it. She called it reliable transportation at a very low price. She said she was really selling it for peanuts.

Starting the engine of the car was a piece of cake. I just turned the key—no problem. However, soon I was in a pickle: the brakes didn't work! The owner of the Cadillac I hit went bananas when he saw the damage to the front of his car. He started shouting at me and wouldn't stop. Now I have to pay him two thousand dollars to repair his car. But my friend Nina was a peach. She took my car to the garbage dump so that I didn't have to see it again.


a lemon - не работает

nuts - очень расстроен

peanuts - почти даром

a piece of cake - очень легко

in a pickle - в беде

to go bananas - сходить с ума

a peach - очень милый человек