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Idioms from Numbers

To Go Fishing

For some people, fishing is so enjoyable that it puts them in seventh heaven. For others, fishing is a good time to relax and catch forty winks. I'm of two minds about it. At first sight, fishing seems like fun. But, on second thought, I just don't like to handle a fish when I catch it. To many people who like fishing, it's second nature to look at a river or a lake and know where the fish are. They have a sixth sense that helps them do this. Soon they're catching fish, while I'm still trying to put the worm on the hook.


in seventh heaven - на седьмом небе от счастья

forty winks - послеобеденный сон

of two minds - колеблюсь, не могу определиться

at first sight - с первого взгляда

on second thought - если задуматься

second nature - это в крови

a sixth sense - шестое чувство