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Internet slang

Hi there! How are you today?

Or do I have to say “WUWU? You are on fleek, man!”

You reply: - OMGD, I DUNNO what you are talking about.

- All right, NPAA, I will explain you.

These days we all text, tweet and chat with our friends.

Чтобы чатиться со своими иностранными друзьями в интернете и понимать, что именно они Вам пишут, предлагаю выучить сегодня несколько популярных выражений и сокращений. We will learn Internat slang this time.

12 useful English phrases

Hello my beautiful friends! It is Kris here today with top 12 everyday English phrases! I hope with a help of these common useful expressions you will improve your level of English and will understand native speakers better. Let’s get started!









Some useful everyday English phrases

Hello dear reader! In this article we are going to go through 10 really common English expressions that you’ll here in everyday conversation. Let’s get started!


№ 1 à twenty four seven. There’s 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week so when someone says “twenty four seven” he or she means every minute of everyday, all the time. And the example is:  ”You can access our website 24/7” (any minute of any day, all the time)...

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